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Singapore’s Pathway to Carbon Neutrality: Analysis of New Technologies

Singapore's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality – Title Picture
Since October 2022 (ongoing)
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Singapore aims to reduce its carbon footprint. The Energy Market Authority (EMA) defined four switches to transform Singapore's energy supply: solar power, natural gas, low-carbon alternatives and regional power grids.
In this new project, we tap on the latter two.
On the supply side, we will look into import of electricity from neighbouring and further distant countries, as well as production and import of energy carriers such as hydrogen and synthetic fuels.
A projection of the energy demand in the final energy sector (including marine port and airport) based on economic, demographic and sectorial development is included.
Finally, we will propose solutions to maintain Singapore's role as a world leading hub, transitioning from oil to hydrogen and synthetic fuels.

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S. C. Devihosur et al., S. C. Devihosur, A. Chidire, T. Massier and T. Hamacher, Sustainability, MDPI, Jun 2024, DOI: 10.3390/su16114754.