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Presentation at IEEE PES Symposium Singapore 2023

Picture of Anurag Sharma and Tobias Massier shaking hands

17 November 2023

I gave a talk titled “From Production to Use – The Possible Future Role of Hydrogen-based Energy Carriers in Asia-Pacific”.

On 17 November 2023, I had been invited to the IEEE PES Symposium Singapore 2023 held at the National University of Singapore.
I was one of four speakers and asked to talk about the future role of hydrogen, especially in ASEAN.
My talk gave an overview of the possible role of hydrogen in electricity generation from temporal excess power of renewable energies, hydrogen production methods with their pros and cons, hydrogen for transport as well as transport and storage options for hydrogen.
For the presentation, I gathered results from previous studies on alternative fuels and first findings of our project Singapore's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality.

Other talks in this captivating symposium covered the transition to electric vehicles and real-life challenges of PV deployment and operation.

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