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Presentation at CREATE Webinar 2023

Photo of Tobias Massier presenting at the CREATE Webinar

28 April 2023

I gave a talk titled “Breaking Down Barriers: The Role of Technology in Singapore’s Energy Transition”.

The CREATE Webinar is a monthly hybrid seminar where people from one CREATE entity present.
On 28 April 2023, I gave a talk about Singapore's energy transition and its path to carbon neutrality, and what role technology can play.
Singapore targets to reach net-zero emissions in the power sector by 2050, which is quite ambitious since 95 % of Singapore's electricity are generated from natural gas.
I also briefly spoke about my two current projects.

The first part of the talk covers the demand and how it could be reduced, e.g. through road transport switching from gasoline and diesel to electricity or central cooling.
The second part focuses on the supply.
NTU and TUMCREATE have been exploring Singapore's geothermal potential and how it could help to cover the cooling demand in Singapore.
Other options to reduce Singapore's carbon footprint introduced are carbon capture, utilisation and storage, electricity imports, alternative fuels and – in the further distant future – nuclear power.
Some of these options are being addressed in TUMCREATE's project Singapore's Pathway to Carbon Neutrality.

A panel session on the opportunities hydrogen could offer for Singapore is to follow this summer.

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CREATE Webinar
CREATE Tower, Singapore
28 April 2023

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