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Panel discussion at eGrid 2022

Photo of Tobias Massier presenting at eGrid

02 December 2022

I presented two case studies we did at TUMCREATE and engaged in the discussion on modelling the hybrid AC-DC grid.

As part of the panel session "Modelling the Hybrid AC-DC Grid" sponsored by FAN project, I gave a presentation on two case studies we did at TUMCREATE and engaged in the panel discussion.

The first case study was first presented in the paper Optimal Operation of Islanded AC/DC Hybrid Microgrids from 2021.
The second case study is from the SITEM project, particularly the coupling aspect of the tools CityMoS and MESMO.
The key messages of the presentation were that hybrid AC-DC grid require new modelling approaches and that new loads such as electric vehicles require consideration of different domains (e.g. power and transport system) together in real time.

The following discussion was about the need for modelling in future grids and modelling aspects.

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University of Auckland, Auckland (New Zealand)
28 November 2022 – 02 December 2022

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